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From plant to flower, from love to respect



“We believe in the power of nature for a radiant and healthy care. Our aim is to inspire the consumer with reliable products formulated with the healing properties of nature. "


                          The biggest strength and difference of Thalia since its inception has been nature and naturalness. He loved nature very much and shared his love by increasing it.

Thalia underlined its respect for nature and life with the slogan “Your Right to Live Naturalness” and took it as a duty to convey the enthusiasm, goodness and clean breezes coming from nature to its consumers; He gave importance to the natural and correct formulation of his products; he believed it was every human right.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the Thalia Natural Beauty contains "purity".  with all its products with natural plant extracts (extracts), natural raw materials, and oils; It is prepared with the best and strongest active ingredients. It produces most of its raw materials with herbal extracts obtained in Thalia skincare Laboratory without any additives.

There is no place for any raw materials and additives that are harmful to health in this world, which is made of flowers, plants and extracts that are 100% "dense" of them! In the formulation of Thalia Skin care products, there are absolutely no substances proven to harm human health such as SLS, SLES, paraben, paraffin, preservatives, animal fat, caustic. In addition, Thalia, never tests its products on animals.


From nature to research and development


"We create innovative products by combining the sparkle of nature with technology and believe in the power of R&D"



A very important element of the success story of Thalia is, it produces products inspired by nature and reflects nature, was technology and innovation. We can say that the harmony of nature and technology is the most important factor of Thalia Skin Care unique products.

The latter has always believed in the power of technology and R&D at the point of new product development and directed its investments in this field; He gave importance to developing innovative products. Being one of the founding partners of the NGS Biotechnology company, which was established only to carry out R&D studies, is a valuable indicator of the importance it attaches to technology.

A team of molecular biologists, dermatologists, chemical engineers and marketing experts has completed / is carrying out many exciting projects at NGS Biotechnology, which operates within the Istanbul University Avcılar Campus Technopark. This valuable team follows and researches innovations in a fully equipped laboratory and adds products that make a difference to the sector. Thalia Skin care also continues to work on new patents by obtaining most of the raw materials it uses in its products. Just like its patented product "PhytoComplex AHL Effective Against Hair Loss". Akten Kozmetik uses this herbal active, obtained from a mixture of 24 herbs, in Thalia Natural Beauty branded shampoos.

Thalia Skin Care plans to produce new plant actives, which it will use in its products in the near future, in its own R&D laboratory by applying "plant biotechnology" techniques.

From plant to product



"We always make the same quality and sustainable products"



Thalia Skin care has always advocated quality and has devoted itself to making the best possible cosmetics. It has reinforced its respect for creating quality products with world-class quality certificates.

It designed its facility in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. It has been awarded the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, which shows that every product / production has a high level of quality in all stages and applications, and the Halal certificate, which registers the products produced in accordance with Islamic rules.

These documents once again underline Thalia Skin care's perspective on cosmetic safety and the importance it attaches to its consumers; The Latter confirms that every stage from raw material to production, from packaging to shipment is in a certain standard order.

To sum up; In Thalia Skincare, everything can be tracked and monitored.

In addition, Thalia offers its products with very high quality formulations to its consumers at affordable prices.


From this land to the world


"The emergence of a cosmetics brand from Turkey that has expanded to the world makes us very happy."


Thalia has always been proud of being a 100% domestic cosmetics brand born in Turkey. It successfully competes with global brands in the sector with the power it derives from its 100% natural, 100% technological and innovative, 100% quality products. Moreover, it struggles to destroy the perception that “quality products are expensive”.  

While trying to overcome the difficulties of the sector and the pressure of global brands as a 100 percent domestic company, it acts with the goal of increasing its export volume by keeping its face turned to the world.

Because Thalia believes that its 100 percent natural products are equivalent to global brands.