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Your Beauty Destination

Give yourself a Treat, from plant to flower, from love to respect, 100 PERCENT NATURAL.

  • Baby Care

    Helps keep your baby's skin soft, moisturized, smooth with all organic ingredients, free from chemicals and paraben, completely safe, skin friendly & non-allergic

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  • Anti-Aging

    Retaining the skin's firmness, refining the skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting brightness and radiance

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  • Creams & Lotions

    Keeps the moisture and elasticity in your skin, which can help reduce wrinkles, age spots and other fine lines.

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  • Aloe Vera

    soothes sunburns and skin injuries by increasing collagen synthesis and cross-linking. moisturizing Skin.,fading dark spots and stretch marks, managing acne. soothing skin conditions,slowing signs of aging.

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  • Midnight Rose

    improve your complexion and reduce skin redness, the antibacterial properties may help reduce acne. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin redness and puffiness

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From nature to research and development


"We create innovative products by combining the sparkle of nature with technology and believe in the power of R&D"

Why Choose Thalia?

Totally Organic

Thalia Skin Care is all organic, natural and halal free from toxins, chemicals & parabens, to help protect and improve your skin.

Protecting Nature

Team Thalia belives that protecting and preserving nature is part of our job therefore we source our ingredients with sustainability and measure.

Halal & Certified

Thalia is a certified and halal Turkish brand with all verified certifications through goverment federations

Totally Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our ingredients are sourced only from plants and we follow strict policies for no animal testing in our company.

From plant to product


"We always make the same quality and sustainable products"